The school believes that sports play a vital role in the overall development of a child. There is a comprehensive and well-structured fitness and sports programme for all students in place, which lays emphasis on nutrition and fitness for overall health.

With a dedicated three-acre sports field, the school is well-equipped with all modern facilities for athletics and sports. The school has an eight-lane, 200 meter athletic track made of eco-friendly polyurethane composites of international standards and a state-of-art synthetic basketball court, which doubles up as a tennis court.

The school offers specialized training in sports like cricket, football, gymnastics, basketball, athletics, and chess, and hosts various inter-school sports tournaments.


The school follows a well-planned practice regime to provide the most modern training in basketball to students. Proficient coaches are available to train students with the nuances of this game.


Modern School has a great history in the game of football, and our students have won numerous trophies at various levels. We offer professional football training under experienced coaches, who identify talent and prepare winners. Major emphasis is given to technique and methodology, skill and agility, and students are guided with respect to nutrition, fitness and strength.


The school is known for nurturing and producing young talent in the field of cricket. Experienced and expert coaches prepare students for playing at a higher level. Inter-house competitions and regular practice matches are held in the school to hone skills of students. Coming from the academy of Modern School, Gautam Gambhir and Kirti Azad went on to play for the Indian Cricket Team, which serves as an inspiration for all the aspiring cricketers here.


Interested students are trained by experienced coaches to refine their skill and teach them the technique of playing badminton. Students who perform well are encouraged to participate at a higher level and represent the school in various competitions and tournaments. Inter-house matches are held to infuse healthy competitive spirit among students.


We focus on improving balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance in students through gymnastics. We emphasize on physical and mental training for enhancing skills and teaching team-work. Regular practice sessions in a well-equipped gymnasium offers students an opportunity to learn techniques under the guidance of a trained instructor.


Our experienced coaches give athletes proper training and guidance on improving technique and approach. The athletic track is made of polyurethane and rubber composite to ensure that children don’t get hurt when they fall, further reinforcing their zeal for athletic activities.


The school introduces chess to students at an early age to help develop focus, sharpen their mental faculties and perfect their chess-playing skills. Students are encouraged to participate in various inter-school tournaments from a very young age.