The school adheres to the curriculum prescribed by NCERT, but at the same time adapts it to the needs of students, keeping in mind the diversity of individual talent and aptitude. It is reviewed and revisited regularly to incorporate changes and make improvements.

Curriculum And Methodology

Subjects taught in classes Nursery to P3 are English, Hindi, Mathematics and Environmental Science. A blend of Montessori and Playway is used in Nursery and KG and the presence of two teachers in each pre-primary class room ensures joyful, hands-on and effective learning.

Students of classes P4 and P5 study English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. Besides these, they learn the basics of one foreign language, their preferred choice among the three offered- German, Spanish and French.

Text book lessons are supplemented by practice work sheets, project work, audio-visual aid and hands-on experience through excursions, national and international trips and student exchange programmes. Monthly assignments are given to students, in which work target for all subjects is stated. The assignment system ensures that parents and students are completely in sync with the academic plan designed for them. The aim is to strengthen the innate capacities of students so that they feel confident and enjoy their days at school.


The school follows a system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation through oral and written assignments, project work and observational activities. The Academic Session is divided into two terms: April to September and October to March.

For Classes Nursery to P2 :

No formal examination system is followed for these classes. Progress of students is evaluated through a checklist of assignments, observational activities and classroom interactions.

For P3, P4 & P5 :

Three cycles of Unit Test are held for P4 and P5. For P3, there are only two cycles, each carrying 30 marks. For Classes P4 and P5, the first two Unit Tests carry 30 marks each and the third Unit Test carries 50 marks. Besides that, students are evaluated on oral and written assignments, project work, observational and classroom activities.