Beyond Books

Children tend to pick up everything they see and learn from everything they do. To ensure overall development of students, the school offers them a platform to participate in various co-curricular activities; which include art, craft, clay modelling, music and dance. Students are encouraged to learn life skills, which help enhance their self-confidence, inculcate leadership qualities in them and equip them to manage real-life responsibilities. A well-developed infrastructure for the same ensures that students have the space and freedom to learn, explore their aptitude and further hone their skills.


The purest form of self-expression, art stimulates imagination, develops aesthetic sense and fosters individualistic thought and collaborative spirit. As important as any other core subject, art is known to improve test score, attitude, social skills, critical and creative thinking. Students are given the freedom to express their emotions and feelings through art.

During the weekly art period, students of classes Nursery to KG, are taught the basics and gradually progress to learning techniques of producing masterpieces under the guidance of their teacher.


Taught to students of classes Nursery to P3, craft is an essential learning subject as it develops creativity and perspective, enhances gross motor skills and ensures physical, social and mental development. When children recreate what they see in the outside world, it helps develop their cognitive and psycho-motor skills.

Clay Modelling

While discovering how to make basic shapes/forms with clay, children develop hand-brain coordination and improve dexterity. Taught to students of classes Nursery to P5, Clay Modelling provides opportunities to be creative and improves attention span. Playing with clay products, pinching it, rolling it, squeezing it into shapes also relaxes young minds. The school has two well-equipped Clay Rooms, where students begin to create wonderful pieces from a very early age under the guidance of a skilled instructor.


Learning the basics of music is an activity that every child enjoys in school. Trained music teachers teach students to enjoy the art form and also perform for an audience on school/inter-school events.


Dancing on a favourite tune is something that children learn in their natural environment even before they learn to walk. Introducing dance to students from a very young age fosters creativity, team work and physical coordination. The school has two dance rooms, and a weekly Dance Period for students of classes Nursery to P3 ensures exposure to the basics of different dance forms and inculcates discipline and grace among them.

Learning Life Skills

Practising life skills helps in enhancing self-esteem and develops the overall personality of a child. The school has a well-equipped mock room for the students of Classes KG to P2 to learn and practise essential life skills- like making their own bed, dining etiquettes, arranging cupboards, organizing book shelves, folding clothes and packing for travel, so that students learn to become independent and better organized to manage their needs.