Trips & Excursions


An educational trip to Turkey was organized for the students of P5 in the month of March. The globe trotters witnessed amazing sights of historical value and natural beauty while travelling through Izmir, the third largest city of the country. The students visited the ancient cities of Pergamon and Ephesus. They experienced the past grandeur of these cities through information provided by an able guide. Among other sites of the Roman and Byzantine Empire they also visited the healing centre at Asklepieion, the House of Virgin Mary at Ephesus and the IsaBey Mosque. The children enjoyed the visit to the two religious shrines and were curious to learn about their history

They witnessed a marvellous landform at Pamukkale, which has been formed by the calcium carbonate present in the water of a hot spring and covers the hill entirely as if it is wrapped in cotton. In the beautiful city of Istanbul, the students saw the magnificent Ayasofya palace, the splendid Topkapi palace with its display of priceless jewels and the grand Dolmabache palace built during the Ottoman Empire. They also enjoyed a boat cruise on the Bosphorous River. Each place had a story of its own and the group came back well informed. Not only did the ancient history of one of the earliest civilization bowls of the world enrich the students, but they also gained experience and confidence through the trip.

In order to share the knowledge acquired on the trip with fellow students, the group made a presentation on 7th May 2014 showcasing the beautiful places visited and sights seen by them.