The school has a large games field spread over three acres. All sporting events, including the Annual Sports Day, are held here. The school believes that physical education is an integral part of learning and physical development and offers facilities to play cricket, football, basketball and badminton.

Full Year Physical Education Programme (PEP 365) for all students - Nursery to P5

In association with Fitness 365, the school provides a robust, specialized, structured fitness and sports programme for all students. Comprising of a curriculum with motor and physical fitness drills, sports/fun games, aerobics and gymnastics, athletics.The programme emphasises on the importance of nutrition and fitness for overall health. In the process, the overweight /underweight children are helped to achieve normal weight. Provision for more periods for sports activities has been made in the school time table. Twice a year, students are assessed on Body Composition (BMI), on-ground Motor and Physical Fitness (speed, strength, agility, balance, flexibility, endurance, and hand-eye coordination), goal Setting and are given suitable recommendations. In addition, the activities offered are basketball, football, cricket, badminton, chess and gymnastics.