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Members of Shaheed Bhagat Singh House put up an informative presentation depicting Bhagat Singh’s life and contributions and enumerated some of the important events from his life through songs and enactments.
Celebrating India’s 70th year of Independence through a small play entitled “आज़ादी के सेनानी” were the youngest House members of classes 1 and 2. A patriotic song titled – “चलो जवानों, बढ़ो जवानों, माँ ने तुम्हें पुकारा है” marked the culmination of this important occasion.

The students staged an enactment based on one of the stories from Akbar-Birbal, conveying the message – Whatever Is Planned for us by God Has Something Good for Us. The special bond of Friendship and the importance of ‘Determination’ were presented through stories, talks and examples.
Children also spoke about the significance of personal hygiene and the importance of keeping the surroundings clean. The House members also shared tips on ways to keep healthy during the monsoon season.