Members of Acharya Vinoba Bhave House put up an interesting presentation on the joyous occasion of Teacher’s Day. They spoke about the great teachers of India , including Dr S Radhakrishnan. The children remberered Lala Raghubir Singh ji, the Founder of our school, whose birthday also falls on 5th September.
This was followed by a musical presentation specially prepared for the teachers on their Special Day – ‘The RSJMS Teacher’s Premiere League ‘ . The members of the House recited short poems about their teachers and then invited them on stage amidst a lot of fanfare and cheer-leading.
Other assemblies included one on the life and contributions of the great personality after whom the House has been named i.e. Acharya Vinoba Bhave. The importance of ‘Punctuality’ in our daily lives was the theme of the presentation that was put up by the members of P3.
An interesting presentation on the significance of Id ul Zuha gave the audience insights on how and why this festival is celebrated.
Last but not the least, the presentation on one of the most important harvest festivals of South India , Onam , was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Interesting facets of the celebrations, videos of the famous Kerela boat race and Pulikali folk dance provided a rich learning experience for everyone.