The school believes that parents and teachers are equal partners in ensuring a happy and conducive environment for learning. They work in tandem, for students to feel happily settled in school processes. The association serves as a vital link between the school and the parent community and performs the important role of addressing a wide range of issues concerning students and provides support in carrying out the academic and co curricular programmes of the school more effectively.

The PTA of the School

Mrs. Manju Rajput (Headmistress) - Chairperson
Mr. Anand Roopak Kathpalia - Vice-Chairperson (Parent)
Mrs. Alka Sethi - Vice-Chairperson (Staff)
Parents Teachers
Mrs. Shilona Agarwal – Hony. Secretary -
Mr. Paramvir Sodhi Hony. Joint Secretary Mrs. Vidhu Gadia - Hony. Joint Secretary
- Mrs. Minati Mishra – Hony. Treasurer
Mrs. Nayantara Mehta - Member Mrs. Shobhana Krishnan – Member
Mrs. Bihu Sharma ------- do--------- Mrs. Charu Gupta ------- do---------
Mrs. Jaya Gaddh ------- do--------- Mrs. Damyanti Bisht ------- do---------
Mrs. Ankita Kumar ------- do--------- Mrs. Amrita Vaid Singh ------- do---------
Mrs. Surbhita Gupta ------- do--------- Ms. Archana Varmani ------- do---------
- Mrs. Beeba Sobti MSBR PTA

Please contact the PTA desk during PTMs for suggestions/clarifications, or write to the school at