The school believes in instilling values of compassion and kindness in students and encourages them to be sensitive and helpful towards fellow human beings. In doing so, students become empathetic and evolve into socially responsible and committed citizens of the country. Children, through their parents, have contributed to relief funds from time to time. RSJMS joined 'School to School' nationwide programme in 2007 with Goonj, an NGO working for the underprivileged children. Time and again, donations are collected in the form of used school items like uniforms, school bags, lunch boxes, textbooks etc. These items are sent to children in remote villages by 'Goonj'.

Every year, a sale of Diwali candles and Diyas made by residents of The Delhi Cheshire Home, a home for needy, homeless and disabled, is put up in the school and the amount collected is used for the welfare of the inmates.

Students also contribute grains and old newspapers, and the collection is periodically sent to Friendicoes, a Society for Eradication of Cruelty to Animals.