Auxiliary Facilities


The school has a First-Aid Centre run by Apollo Life, with a qualified physician and two trained nurses available at all times. It is equipped with facilities to ensure that students are attended to if they report sick, or get minor injury. Parents are immediately intimated and requested to take their ward home if he/she is unfit to spend the day in school. An ambulance is available in school from 7:30 am – 3:30 pm every day

All students are insured under Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy (GPAIP), wherein in-patient and out-patient medical expenses arising out of accidents are covered up to a specific amount.

Safety and

We are committed towards providing a safe and secure environment for the well-being of our students. A fleet of DTC buses, equipped with first-aid kits, facilitates transportation of students to and from the school. Well-trained female guards are present on every route, from the first pick-up point till the last, to ensure that students reach their destination safely.