An intra-school dance competition was held on 22nd April 2016 for the students of classes P4 and P5, respectively. After a round of auditions, 10 students from P4 and 23 students from P5 made it to the final competition. The contestants showcased different dance forms, varying from Indian classical and Indian folk to contemporary and ballet. The competition was adjudged by proficient dancers, Ms Anita Babu and Ms Shipra Joshi. The winners of the competition are as under:

Sr.No. Name Class Dance Style Result
1 Aadi Chawla P4C Chaau Dance 1st Prize
2 Aneesha Narayan P4C Kathak 2nd Prize
3 Ria Devika Bhasin P4E Kathak 3rd Prize
1 Aditi.T. Dholeriya P5C Odissi 1st Prize
2 Riddhi Gupta P5C Bharatnatyam 2nd Prize
3 Anika Tandon P5C Odissi 3rd Prize
4 Gauri Mathur
Saachi Kaur
Kathak Consolation Prize